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Music Lessons

Eglinton Music Center offers private music lessons in our retail store located on Eglinton West one block east of Dufferin St. on the north side. Music lessons with an experienced, patient instructor are a great way to study a musical instrument. Besides having one-on-one attention, the student is offered an opportunity to play music that he or she is specifically interested in and an opportunity to play music with someone who already has bast experience in the field.

Pasquale repairing the accordion


Repairs whether big or small are patiently performed by Paquale who has decades of experience. From fine tuning to restoring and yearly maintenace, Pasquale is more than willing to assist.


Your accordion in Toronto!


A large selection of musical instruments, accesories, sheet music, and books is available.


Booking for Special Occasions

To book Pasquale for your special event or corporate function you can reach us by phone at

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Your accordion in Toronto

Accordion in Toronto: Eglinton Music Center - Pasquale Lorello